PTF Directory

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PTF Executive Board Members 2014-15
Name Position
Carol Smith President
Tammy Hickman Vice-President
M. S. Treasurer
Stacy Kelly Secretary
Amy Carroll Communications Chair
PTF Committee Chairs 2014-15
Name Position
Meredith McSpadden Spiritual Development Chair
Caroline Davis Spiritual Development
Melissa Skinner Fellowship Events Chair
Kari Cabrera Fellowship Events Co-Chair
Eric Hodges Healthy Knights Chair
** open ** Healthy Knights Co-Chair
Lynda Logan High School Coordinator Chair
** open ** High School Coordinator Co-Chair
** open ** 9th Grade Coordinator
** open ** 9th Grade Coordinator
Dana Dunlap 10th Grade Coordinator
Darla Tyler 10th Grade Coordinator
Jennifer Pearman 11th Grade Coordinator
Angie Horton 11th Grade Coordinator
Lynda Logan 12th Grade Coordinator
Jill Houghton 12th Grade Coordinator
Janet Snapp Homeroom Parents (PK-5) Chair
** open ** Homeroom Parents (PK-5) Co-Chair
Theresa Galella Loyalty Programs Chair
** open ** Loyalty Programs Co-Chair
Beth Kuhn Middle School Coordinator Chair
** open ** Middle School Coordinator Co-Chair
Marcie Peck 6th Grade Coordinator
Melanie Azachi 6th Grade Coordinator
  7th Grade Coordinator
  7th Grade Coordinator
Beth Kuhn 8th Grade Coordinator
  8th Grade Coordinator
Karyl Towell Staff Appreciation Chair
Marcia Lee Staff Appreciation Co-Chair
Lila Boles Volunteer Hub Administration Chair
Jane Infanti Volunteer Hub Administration Co-Chair
Donna Kubicki Grandparents Chair
** open ** Grandparents Co-chair