Booster Club

Booster Club

The Athletic Booster Club supports all Hill Country athletic teams with the following purpose: alleviate the workload of coaches by providing volunteer resources, provide financial assistance for the athletic department, and generate enthusiastic support of athletics. The Athletic Booster Club needs parents to staff concession stands, attend and support athletic events, and show school spirit! Thank you for supporting our athletic program, athletes, and Athletic Booster Club. Go, Knights!

Ray Dise, 2015-2016 Athletic Booster Club President

Booster Club Meetings

The Hill Country Christian School Athletic Booster Club would like to welcome you to an exciting year in athletics. Our booster club and athletic programs are thriving, and we need your help meeting the growing demands of our athletes and athletic department. Your involvement will help us achieve excellence in our programs. We highly recommended that at least one parent of each high school and middle school athlete attend booster club meetings. Also, we encourage Lower School parents who anticipate having future athletes to attend.

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