Andi (Bandow) Hudson ’14 graduated from Hardin-Simmons University in 2018 with a degree in Athletic Training. She now finds herself in her clinical year of Hardin-Simmons University PA school, traveling the state for rotations and heading into a career field that is the topic of nearly every conversation around the world.

From an early age, Andi believed God called her to minister to others through her work. “During undergrad, athletic training students were required to shadow different health professionals, and this is how I met a physician assistant,” says Andi. “He was an incredible man who taught me a lot about this field of medicine. His excitement and passion for his work and his patients made me realize I wanted the same excitement and passion in my future career. I began working as a medical scribe in the emergency department, which reinforced my decision to pursue a career as a PA. Leaving my job as a scribe was incredibly difficult, but PA school has been so rewarding thus far, and I can clearly see God’s plan unfolding. I wanted to practice medicine while also forming relationships with and caring for people from all walks of life.”

Becoming a PA requires a tremendous amount of dedication, courage, and effort, but Andi says she was prepared in many ways before beginning her undergrad. “Hill Country changed the trajectory of my life, [it] is more than education; it is a holistic experience of academic, emotional, and spiritual growth for the students. Students at Hill Country are not seen as numbers, but rather each of them [is] cared for individually and – again – holistically. I will never forget the lessons I learned from my teachers, my coaches, my counselors, and other members of the Hill Country staff during my time there. By investing in students and preparing them for all of life’s battles, Hill Country changes the trajectory of student’s lives; the several small victories and lessons learned gradually develop into a well-rounded student who is motivated to contribute more goodness into their world. Students leave Hill Country ready to impact others in the way they were impacted at this school.”

Andi was also kind enough to share one of her most cherished memories from her time at Hill Country. “For example, senior prom was a special time for many reasons but had another added significance for me personally,” says Andi. “Coach Pete Craycroft agreed to do the parent-child dance with me at prom. He has always been a father-figure for me, and we had many discussions about life throughout my time at Hill Country. He counseled me through challenging times and encouraged me through moments of victory. Coach Craycroft is one of the many people who made such an incredible impact on me, so having the opportunity to do the dance with him at prom was an incredible blessing. I will never forget that dance.”

As she gets closer to becoming a PA, Andi enjoys combatting a rigorous rotation schedule by relaxing with her husband, Mitchel, and their dogs on a small, quiet plot of land outside of Abilene, Texas.

Spring of 2022 Update:
Andi finished her clinical year of PA school in September 2021 and graduated a few months later. She was surprised to discover her passion lies in all things surgery, especially surgeries that involve cardiovascular intervention. Finding a job in a surgical specialty can be somewhat difficult for new PA grads, and the Lord has blessed Andi with a position in vascular surgery to continue in her career of helping others.