How many years have you worked at Hill Country, and what is your role?
I began teaching at Hill Country in 2014, and I am a fifth grade teacher.

What do you love about Hill Country?
I love the family atmosphere! I have felt like I belonged here from the moment I was hired.

How has your experience at Hill Country Christian School been unique?
The family atmosphere is refreshing and new to me. We are a team and truly support and help each other.

What would you tell a student or family who is considering a Hill Country education?
Hill Country provides a high quality education. Your student will graduate prepared for any university. The students’ minds are complete with knowledge, and their hearts are full of God’s love.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
I consider this job a huge privilege and honor from Jesus! I am beyond thrilled that He chose me to be a teacher at Hill Country.