How many years have you worked at Hill Country?
I began teaching here in 2015.

What is your role?
I teach Anatomy and Physiology.

What do you love about Hill Country Christian School?
I appreciate the camaraderie among the faculty and the fellowship among the students. On our first day of class, I asked each student to introduce one of their peers to me. I was struck by the admiration, annoyances, humor, and history that they’ve shared as a family over the years. What a picture of fellowship!

What do you like most about teaching at Hill Country?
I love that I am interacting with God’s future movers and shakers. I am sincerely humbled to be a part of it. Every student in my class has enormous potential to impact the world, whether it be through business, medicine, music, interior design, aeronautics… My role as a teacher is to ultimately help them get there. In five years, they may not remember all of the bones and muscles, but I hope they will remember my encouragement.

Our tagline is “Preparing for College. Preparing for Life.” How do you help propel students toward this goal?
In terms of academics, I am using a curriculum based on the one I used at the college level. In terms of personal growth, I want them to see from my own life, flaws and all, an example of a professional, scientist, and physician trying to keep my faith first.

What would you tell a family who is considering a Hill Country education?
There are lots of places to get an excellent education, but an education grounded in a Christian worldview, alongside like-minded peers, where families are partners, is the epitome of Hill Country.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Another thing I’ve really enjoyed is participating in the monthly competitions between my class and the AP Biology class for the Chromosome Cup. If you have an athletic student, please sign them up for my class!