Jordan (Andrews) Cook ‘16 spent 13 years at Hill Country as a student. As one of our Alpha Omega graduates, she couldn’t wait to get back. After graduating from Colorado Christian University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, she worked briefly in a charter school and then joined our staff in the fall of 2021 as a biology teacher. 

Her previous job experience provided a unique perspective: “I realized just how valuable both the education and spiritual development that Hill Country offers is. The environment is one of encouragement, self-discipline, and focus. The school doesn’t only teach with a ‘Christian education,’ rather, Hill Country teaches each student how to approach life with a biblical worldview. Students learn not only how to tackle the hard questions, but how to defend them. We prepare each student for college through a classical education that prepares the individual to think logically and reason with the world.”

As Jordan reflected on her time as a student, she remembers an important lesson Mr. Baptiste taught her in 7th grade as he guided her through a disciplinary issue: “He reminded me that our words and how we conduct our tongue is vital. People listen, and we have influence to affect our peers based on our words. This taught me to think before I spoke and to have empathy.”

Jordan married her husband, Andy, in September 2020, and they are expecting their first child, Ezra, in June. Jordan and Andy have three dogs and eight chickens, which provide quite the array of eggs – blue, green, brown, white, pink, and speckled. They enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, fishing, and hunting. Jordan actively serves in her church as a member of the welcome team and cooks for church events.