What are the grade levels of your students?
Our son is a member of the Class of 2023, and our daughter is a Hill Country graduate, Class of 2019.

What do you love about Hill Country Christian School?
There are many things we love about Hill Country, but two of them are the close-knit community and our faculty.  The greatest assets of this school are the teachers, staff, and coaches who invest so much of their time into our children to become Christian leaders and lifelong learners. 

What factors led you to choose Hill Country?
We were looking for a Classical and Christ-centered Christian school for our daughter, Lauren. We were welcomed with open arms at the school tour and felt valued as a prospective family. Everyone was welcoming and sincere, and we felt that warm and fuzzy feeling from the receptionist, admissions director, and all the faculty we met. We knew from that time on that Hill Country was the school for our children.

We left Hill Country during 2011-2013 and moved abroad to Shanghai, China, for Reid’s job. During that time, Lauren and Jonathan attended an American International Christian School. After we left the United States, we noticed and appreciated how the teachers and faculty at Hill Country knew our students and genuinely cared for their development and success. These were factors lacking at their International School. We knew we were returning to Texas and had no doubt that we wanted Lauren and Jonathan to return to Hill Country. 

Our tagline is “Prepare for College. Preparing for Life.” How have your students experienced that at Hill Country?
Lauren and Jonathan have been challenged academically, spiritually, as well as in thinking logically. We love how there is biblical worldview teaching integrated into all areas of their academics. Their teachers see what God has gifted them with and help them grow and develop their skills to become lifelong learners and leaders. We knew that as Lauren went off to college, she was prepared academically and spiritually based off the solid foundation she received from Hill Country. We appreciate the weekly Bible study and discipleship groups that Mr. Bland, our Director of Christian Life, has developed and nurtured. We pray Lauren continues to instill that faithful love for Jesus through attending Bible study groups in college. We love how many of our coaches are also faculty members at Hill Country. This is a unique opportunity for them to coach, mentor, and disciple Jonathan in the classroom and on the field and court. Our coaches take the time to work with our children, not only to improve their skills, but also pouring God’s truth into them. We appreciate how Jonathan is able to participate in multiple sports, which is rare compared to many public schools.   

What would you tell a student or family who is considering a Hill Country education?
Have your family come and visit Hill Country because we have teachers, staff, and coaches who will know your child, love your child, and prepare your child for the future. They will invest so much of their time help your child succeed however God has gifted them.  

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
In 2013, Lauren, who was in seventh grade, fractured her elbow during a middle school volleyball practice, and it required surgery. I will never forgot being called by the coach and as I drove to the gym to see her. I saw God’s love that was shown to Lauren and our family. Outside of the gym, the middle school volleyball girls and a few of our church leaders gathered in a circle and prayed for Lauren. Another parent who was there at practice comforted Lauren while they waited for the EMT to arrive to assess her injury. After taking her to the hospital, I received a call from our Upper School principal, who was away at the high school retreat. She heard the news of Lauren’s injury and called to show her concern and love. Lauren’s teachers contacted me, offering tutoring and expressing their concerns and prayers. We have a genuinely caring faculty, and knowing they are praying for my children is priceless. Those middle school players and parents showed love and concern for Lauren and our family, which we appreciated, and we continue to appreciate being a part of this community of believers.