Every Gift Makes an Impact.


Hill Country Christian School Annual Fund

Giving Levels

Knights Circle

$20,000 or more

Conquerors Circle

$10,000 to $19,999

Crusaders Circle

$5,000 to $9,999

*Knights Circle, Conquerors Circle, and Crusaders Circles are invited to the donor appreciation event hosted by the head of school and the board of directors.

Heralds Circle

$1500 to $4,999

Armor Bearers Circle

$1000 to $1499

Blue & Silver Circle

$1 to $999

Make a Pledge

If you would like to make a pledge through July 31, 2024, use the form below. You will receive a pledge reminder and can pay online or by check.

Make a Donation or Pledge Payment

Interested in giving once, giving a recurring donation, or paying your pledge? Use the form below. If your gift is $20,000 or more through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), please split it through multiple transactions as there is a $20,000 EFT limit.