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Your child will spend roughly 6,120 hours in elementary school. As a parent, you understand the importance of a positive learning experience — your child’s teachers, friends, and environment will shape their young mind. You want them to spend this time building a strong, Christ-centered and diverse academic foundation, but also find time to be a kid and have their childhood nurtured and protected. 

Everything we do in elementary at Hill Country Christian School is designed to support both goals. Below you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

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A Classical Approach. Enthusiastic Outcomes.

Maybe you’re already familiar with a classical education and know that’s what you want for your child. Or perhaps you’re still learning about the classical approach and what it will mean for your child. Regardless of where you’re coming from, we’re happy to tell you more about how we define a classical Christian education and how it will impact your child’s learning environment.

At Hill Country, it means your child will:

Learn not only self-expression and self-discovery, but also learn facts

Become an independent thinker who values wisdom

Begin to realize their God-given strengths, gifts, and talents

Grow into lifelong learners and virtuous shapers of modern culture

Christ at the Center.

We believe that a Christian education is different from a Christ-centered education. At Hill Country, we strive to place Christ at the center of everything we do. This is accomplished through integrating a biblical worldview in our curriculum, encouraging every child in their faith, and modeling Christian values to our students. Your child will have the opportunity to show Christ’s love to our local and global community through service projects and volunteer activities.

How will a year at a Christ-centered elementary school impact your family?

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chris and lisa spates family

Before kindergarten, my husband and I had been searching desperately for the right place for our son.

This is the place he would spend most of his waking hours and begin his foundation of learning. We visited a number of other private schools but never felt a true connection. I remember telling my husband, if we’re just going to settle, why don’t we do it somewhere that’s free (i.e., public school). We live in a great district, so I didn’t feel his experience would be that much different from the private schools we had visited. We scheduled a visit to Hill Country and knew immediately that this is where our family belonged. It was truly an answered prayer. We are still thankful every day for this wonderful community, and our decision to be a part of it is validated daily.

Lisa Spates

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Reasons Why Parents Choose Hill Country:

Engaging Academics

At Hill Country, your child won’t just learn the essential building blocks of academics, but will understand how those building blocks are supported by biblical truth. We integrate morals, values, and critical thinking into math, reading, phonics, Bible, social studies, science, and enrichment activities.

Reading Comprehension

Daily reading lessons are designed to help your child increase their reading abilities. Our teachers model fluency and expression as they guide students to comprehension. Small group activities, independent reading, and practice with sight words help your young reader tackle increasingly challenging texts.


Your child will become an engaged problem solver as they join in hands-on learning opportunities that encourage creativity, collaboration, and innovation. We integrate a biblical worldview with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to create opportunities for cooperative and purposeful teamwork.


During technology enrichment, your child will learn skills like keyboarding, coding, and internet navigation. To support internet safety, your child will learn these three rules:  

  1. Technology is a tool that should glorify God
  2. People are more important than screens
  3. If I see something wrong, I look away, I turn it off, and I tell an adult

Enriched Learning

We want your elementary child to discover with excitement their God-given talents, which is why we offer enrichment opportunities and extracurriculars to our youngest learners. Your child doesn’t need to wait until middle school or high school to explore performing arts, Spanish, art, clubs, or service opportunities — they can enjoy all of those, starting in first grade.

What to Expect

Meet a Teacher

Mrs. Kim Von Lehmden

Mrs. Kim Von Lehmden, Third Grade

Years at Hill Country:  15
Favorite Scripture: Psalm 100

“Every child has unique gifts given to them by God. I help my students discover, develop, and “I love that I have freedom to be creative in the classroom, as well as the support and wisdom of our administration. I know that my purpose is not only to give information as knowledge, but also to impact a child’s life with our Creator as the focus. What greater calling can a teacher have than to point the way to the One who created the world out of nothing, who created me and all humans, who loves me and all others?”

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