Elementary School

Elementary School

Elementary school (kindergarten-grade five) is a time of critical growth for your child. During these formative years, students develop knowledge across core subject areas, putting in place the building blocks for academic success. At Hill Country Christian School, our goal is to convey the true joy of learning while inspiring students to develop Christ-like character.





Lower School Highlights:

Vibrant Learning Community
The combination of passionate teachers and exceptional learning resources provides a stimulating environment for young learners. Interactive, hands-on activities are a part of the daily experience, which leverage the natural curiosity of children for their benefit. Engaging classroom discussions foster higher-order thinking skills and meaningful relationships with teachers and peers.

Christ-Centered Teaching
The best education is one centered on truth. Our Bible-believing teachers emphasize Scripture across all subjects, allowing students to see how God’s word is relevant to every aspect of learning. In addition, we use the Deep Roots Bible curriculum as a resource to help our students grow deeper in their faith. In the Lower School, teachers and staff serve as mentors to students, encouraging them to develop Christ-like attitudes and grow in their personal relationships with the Lord.

Proven Academic Approach
Our classical approach to education takes into account each child’s stage of cognitive development, ultimately developing them as independent thinkers who value wisdom. During the elementary years, we focus on foundational skills and information gathering before progressing to comprehension, logic, and critical thinking. As students naturally absorb information across several academic areas, they discover their God-given gifts and talents.

Enriching Activities
While core academic foundations are of primary focus, there are ample activities for Lower School students to enjoy. Enrichment classes in music, Spanish, art, technology, and more expand horizons and impart valuable skills that students can use for a lifetime. A wide variety of special events, service projects, field trips, and interest-based clubs enhance the learning experience and build community.

Speech Meet
Students in first through fifth grade develop public speaking skills by participating in Speech Meet. Students develop communication skills and techniques to speak audibly, articulately, and expressively, exhibiting poise and confidence. These skills benefit them in school, college, and beyond and help them to be effective communicators of the gospel.

Learn More Today
Our Lower School Course Catalog provides more information about the opportunities available at Hill Country. If you are considering a Christian education for your child, we invite you to schedule a tour of our campus today!

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