Tuition Assistance

As a parent, it’s one of your deepest desires to provide the best learning experience for your child. We understand that, sometimes, it can be challenging when you know that quality education is within reach — but you have questions about affordability.

Is it possible for my family to pay for a private Christian school?

What are the steps to apply for tuition assistance?

If I make this investment, will it be worth it?

Our Mission To Help Families

At Hill Country Christian School, we’re committed to making an exceptional Christian education attainable for families like yours. Since 1996, we’ve witnessed God working in our students’ lives, thanks to the generous support of our school’s community, including our sponsors, pledge-givers, and those who donate to our Annual Fund.


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The help our school receives allows us to offer needs-based tuition assistance, giving you the opportunity to make this worthwhile investment. We invite you to learn more about this program as you consider a high-quality, Christ-centered education for your child.

Tuition Assistance Overview

Once a student application is submitted, we welcome all interested families to apply for tuition assistance! We determine the eligibility and amount of financial aid through our third party platform called FACTS. You’ll need to share information including, but not limited to, Federal Income Tax Returns, W-2s, and supporting documents about your family and financial background.

Steps to access FACTS

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Visit this link, and you will be prompted to sign up for a FACTS account.

Graphic with text, "Step 2"

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll get to see the following

  • Requirements to be submitted
  • Important deadlines
  • Built-in forms to submit information and documents
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The detailed steps

for completing the tuition assistance application under FACTS can be found within the platform, which you can access once your account is created.

Do you have any questions surrounding tuition assistance?

We’re glad to help. Please reach out to Lisa Gutierrez at (512) 331-7036 ext. 130 or

Payment Plans

Aside from tuition assistance, Hill Country also offers plans that can help make tuition payments more manageable for families. Take a look below at our three options:

Payment PlansSchedule of Payments
AnnualA one-time payment due in May*
Semi-annualOne payment in May for the first semester, and a second payment in November for the second semester
MonthlyTwelve monthly payments beginning in May, and ending in April
* When families opt for the annual payment plan, they are not charged the application fees included within FACTS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Families Have To Say

chris and lisa spates family

Hear what a Hill Country parent has to say after receiving news of their tuition assistance:

“That is great news! Thank you for helping with the process. This is a huge help and a big blessing during this chapter of our lives. We are grateful and appreciative of the people behind the scenes establishing these programs so that we are able to benefit.”

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