Clubs, Organizations, and Extracurricular Activities

Clubs, organizations, and extracurriculars are a vital part of the Hill Country Christian School experience. We want your student to have every chance to explore their talents and growing interests. Our robust offerings give them the opportunity to discover gifts, nurture passions, stretch capabilities, and develop life skills.

Kindergarten & Elementary School Clubs and Organizations

Chess Club (1st-5th)
Coding For Kids (K-5th)
History Club (3rd-5th)
Knight Guard (Boys, K-5th)
Music Conservatory (K-12th)
Pep Squad (Girls, K-5th)
Robotics (5th)
Run Club (K-5th)
Safety Patrol (5th)
Beginner Band (coming 2026)

Middle School Clubs and Organizations

Board Game Club (6th-8th)
Book Club (6th-8th)
Bible Club (6th-8th)
Junior International Thespian Society (7th-8th)
Kinder Cove Support (6th-8th)
Latin Club (6th-12th)
Middle School Spirit Council (6th-8th)
Music Conservatory (K-12th)
National Junior Honor Society (7th-9th)
Beginner Band (coming 2026)

High School Clubs and Organizations

Art Club (9th-12th)
Bible Club (9th-12th)
Conservation Club (9th-12th)
DECA (9th-12th)
Hill Country Leadership Academy (9th-12th)
International Thespian Society (9th-12th)
Investment Club (9th-12th)
Latin Club (6th-12th)
Music Conservatory (6th-12th)
National Honor Society (10th-12th)
National Junior Honor Society (7th-9th)
Robotics Club (9th-12th)
Science Club (9th-12th)
Spikeball Club (9th-12th)
Student Council (9th-12th)
Yearbook Club (9th-12th)
Young Authors Club (9th-12th)