Kindergarten at Hill Country

As kindergarten approaches, it probably feels like your child’s education is a running topic of conversation with family and friends. You’ve heard questions like, “Are you excited? When is your child’s birthday? What schools are you looking at?” 

There’s a lot to consider as you research the best kindergarten programs in Austin, and at times it might feel a bit overwhelming. Your child is about to start school, and that’s a big deal! At Hill Country Christian School, we understand that you want to find a place where your child will thrive. 

We’re here to share more about our program and answer your questions so you feel confident when it comes time to choose the right kindergarten for your child. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

To get the best feel of our program, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with admissions

A Day in the Life of a Kindergartner at Hill Country … 

Our kindergarten is a full-day educational program that runs Monday through Friday. Each day, your child will be engaged in hands-on activities that lay the groundwork for all future learning. Core subjects, enrichment classes, recess, lunch, and special events create a strong academic foundation during this critical year.

A learning environment centered on loving care.

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Our kindergartners come from a variety of preschools. We’ve built a flexible program that gives preschoolers the continuity they need while also creating space and support for children transitioning to their first classroom experience. No matter where your child is coming from, we will help them flourish through:

Care and support.

Your child will receive individualized attention because we keep our average kindergarten class to 13-16 students.

Realistic expectations

Our teachers model daily routines, procedures, and expectations to help your child transition into a learning environment that focuses more on academics. Curriculum is introduced slowly at the beginning of the year to allow extra time for social development and play.

Christ-centered teaching

We understand the importance of reinforcing at school the Christian values taught at home. Our teachers and staff are Bible-believing role models who keep Jesus at the center of every activity.

A stimulating environment.

Our kindergarten campus features safe, age-appropriate classrooms and playground design. Your child will love PE in a dedicated athletic space, going on reading adventures in our library, and feeding their natural curiosity in our STEM lab.

Modeling kindness

We will genuinely care for your child. Teachers show this through gentle reminders, positive praise, listening and helping them in every situation, and teaching them with enthusiasm, joy, and love.  

As a parent, it can be hard to know exactly when is the right time for your child to start school. To help you feel confident about your decision, and to help your child have the best experience possible, we conduct individual kindergarten screenings. This lets us know if they have the academic knowledge, social skills, attentiveness, and listening skills needed to find success in our kindergarten program. If you’d like to test your child’s readiness for kindergarten at home as a starting point, download the Kinder Ready Packet below for a comprehensive list of skills. 

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Is your child ready to start kindergarten? 

Download Your Kinder Ready Packet

Kindergarten Parents in Austin Choose Hill Country for:

Tailored Learning & Intentional Spiritual Formation

Our kindergarten program takes an active learning approach and uses hands-on activities to guide students to an age-appropriate understanding of core subject concepts. Utilizing a customized curriculum, your child will develop language skills through interactive storytime, grasp mathematical concepts by building concrete models, and learn about Jesus, the Creation, and Old Testament heroes. This will happen through: 

  • Bible 
  • Math 
  • Reading & Phonics 
  • Handwriting
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Enrichment & Extracurriculars

Your child will not need to wait until middle school or high school to experience the value of enrichment classes. Starting in kindergarten, our students explore Performing Arts, STEM, art, chapel, library, and more. Our extracurriculars also inspire special interests and include coding club, music conservatory, run club, a talent show, and more. Our kindergartners are enthusiastic about helping with service projects and we encourage participation as a foundation for Christian life. 

Technology In the Classroom

At Hill Country, your kindergartner will learn our three rules of technology: 

  1. Technology is a tool that should glorify God
  2. People are more important than screens
  3. If I see something wrong, I look away, I turn it off, and I tell an adult 

Teachers use technology to enhance instruction, provide kindergartners opportunities for singing and movement, and support STEM enrichment time.

Language Studies

As a kindergartner, your child will study practical and age-appropriate Spanish. They will learn Bible stories in Spanish, participate in Spanish prayer, and study Spanish-speaking countries. Our curriculum builds upon this language development each year, introducing culture and grammar as appropriate.  

A Safe Environment

From the moment your child steps foot on our campus, they will be greeted, known, and loved. All these things help create an environment where your child can be a child and feel safe as they learn. Safety is important to us, so we also keep our school safe and secure with staff background checks, on-campus security, staff trained in CPR, and a school nurse.

Meet a Teacher

Mrs. Rickie Paules

 Mrs. Rickie Paules

Years at Hill Country: 11  
Favorite Scripture: Philippians 4:13

“One of the many reasons I love working at Hill Country is that I develop relationships with all families, not just my class. As a team we love, care for, and pray for each child in our program. We become one big family. My students learn to pray for each other, love like Jesus wants us to, and have joy in our hearts that can only come from above. Each child is unique and created for a purpose. Getting to know and love each child helps me reach their minds and hearts so I can help them become who God created them to be.”

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See for Yourself!

We know how important it is at this early stage to have alignment between the home and school, so children are learning consistent lessons. Schedule an on-campus tour or visit our virtual open house and see first-hand why families choose Hill Country Christian School for kindergarten.