Kindergarten is so much more than fun and games — it lays the groundwork for all future learning. Countless studies show that students who build strong foundations during this critical year are prepared to thrive through all other grades. At Hill Country Christian School, we emphasize those ever-important academic foundations while fostering spiritual, social, and emotional growth. Our nurturing kindergarten environment is led by highly qualified teachers who have a God-given passion for what they do. As a result, students blossom in a close-knit environment that feels like home.

Hands-On Learning

In kindergarten, we focus heavily on the core areas of reading, math, science, and social studies. A variety of hands-on activities bring these subjects to life for young learners. From developing language skills through interactive storytime to grasping mathematical concepts by building concrete models, students are engaged cognitively, physically, and socially as they learn. Every child receives individual attention.

Christ-Centered Teaching

Kindergarten Creation PlayBible teaching isn’t limited to a single part of the day. Hill Country’s Christ-centered curriculum emphasizes how God’s truth is relevant in all areas of life. With Jesus at the center of every activity, students begin to understand the higher source of knowledge, fostering wisdom from an early age. Additionally, our teachers and staff are Bible-believing role models who partner with parents to reinforce the Christian values taught at home.

Exciting Enrichments

KindergartenIt’s never too early to start cultivating lifelong passions. Kindergarten students enjoy a broad range of enrichment activities. These exciting classes not only enhance childhood development but also help students discover their unique talents and enhance the overall learning experience. From art and music to physical education and foreign language study, there are ample disciplines to explore.

What to Expect in Kindergarten

Download the Kinder Ready Guide or learn more about what to expect in kindergarten here.  

Experience Hill Country Christian School

If you are looking for an academically excellent, Christ-centered kindergarten program for your child, we invite you to visit Hill Country Christian School today! Our campus in Austin, TX, is the ideal place for students to grow and mature in the Lord, while preparing for successful academic lives.

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