Faith & Service

Spiritual Life

Hill Country Christian School is a Christ-centered community.

We believe that spiritual education is essential to the full development of every student. An education that neglects to address a student’s spiritual development is incomplete. Hill Country students learn about God not just in chapels and Bible classes. Christ is woven throughout all programs, from history to science and art to basketball. Starting in early elementary, students learn to compare and contrast secular worldviews with a biblical worldview. Students are encouraged to question and dig deeply. Our faculty is passionate about developing the mind and character of every Hill Country student.

Spiritual Formation

Hill Country Christian School believes that spiritual formation is critically important to the total Christian school experience. Our students from PreK-12 participate in a spiritual formation program that emphasizes critical components of spiritual development.


PreK students participate in a dynamic and interactive chapel time. Our youngest students learn about who God is and how much He loves them.

K-5th graders participate in weekly chapel. Worship is dynamic and interactive. Various speakers share messages full of biblical truth to help students understand who God is, how much He loves them, and how they can live a life pleasing to Him.

Students in 6th-12th grade attend chapel once per week. Various speakers inspire students to grow in their faith and to apply the truth of God’s Word to their lives. Worship is led by our High School worship band.

Mission Trips

At Hill Country Christian School, we help our students discover their purpose – in the classroom, in the community, and in the world.

One of the highlights of the High School experience is the chance to participate in overseas mission trips. In the Dominican Republic, we work with Makarios to assist an orphanage and school. Hill Country Knights experience the joy of serving others and receive real-world education about how people in other parts of the world live. Students assist with a variety of projects, including delivering medical supplies, painting buildings, and playing with children. One of the students’ favorite pastimes is taking the Makarios children to the beach, which they can see from their villages but rarely get to visit. Building relationships and sharing the love of Christ is the focus of our mission trips. Students are grateful for this unique opportunity that opens their lives to a new world of possibilities.

Community Service

At Hill Country Christian School of Austin, our students learn that you don’t have to be an adult to make an adult-sized difference in the world.

We not only help our students discover their God-given talents and purpose, but also we teach them to put them into action. Every student from preschool through twelfth grade participates in community service projects. From Operation Christmas Child to making baby blankets for crisis pregnancy centers, to assembling food and toiletries for the homeless, to traveling on mission trips, Hill Country students learn the joy of serving others and that, no matter their size, they are valuable members of the body of Christ.