Hill Country Alumni Socials

  • Dallas, Texas
    Dallas, Texas
  • Waco, Texas
    Waco, Texas

Your Hill Country Christian School experience doesn’t end at graduation.

Greetings Alumni,

One of the hallmarks of our school community is the deep relationships formed between our students and staff. We miss each and every graduate who walked our halls. Every year, alumni contact their former teachers to offer testimonials about how well-prepared they were for college as a result of the education they received at Hill Country. Many alumni have returned to complete teaching internships, and several have joined our faculty and coaching staff.

Jake Strubhar Alumni Relations CoordinatorIf you are a member of the Hill Country alumni community, we would love to hear from you and find out where life’s journey has taken you. Please take a moment to tell us a little more about that journey here.

With great appreciation,

Jake Strubhar – Alumni Relations Coordinator

Alumni Stories

Courtney Bishop

When you’re part of the team that ensures 25,000 people at American Airlines receive their paychecks, a lot is riding on you executing every maneuver correctly. Voted “Friendliest in Class” by her classmates in 2007, Courtney Bishop Johnson ‘07 takes it all in stride as her high-stakes payroll career has her flying high at one of the largest airlines in the world. Read more of Courtney’s story here!

See what our many alumni have been doing here.

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Dallas, Texas

This event has been postponed.

Waco, Texas

Our Waco-area alumni had a great time meeting for burgers at Twisted Root Burger Co. So wonderful to see their smiling faces again! Stay tuned Dallas-area, you’re next!