Middle School

Middle School

Middle school is often viewed as a time of transition, but we treat these critical years with great intention. Students take on increasingly challenging endeavors while continuing to discover their individual passions. They also move from the Grammar stage to the Logic stage of Classical education, meaning all activities focus on building comprehension, logic, and critical thinking skills. Students learn from a Christian perspective, developing deeper understandings of how God’s truth impacts our world.





A Rounded Curriculum
Students continue building strong foundations in the core subjects of math, science, English, and history. Foreign language classes are also available at the middle school level. Chromebooks are available in class and for projects and research. College preparation is important at this stage. We encourage middle school students to begin thinking about paths that interest them and planning to take advantage of special courses and leadership opportunities.

House System
Our House system fosters relationships, teamwork, and leadership development. Read more here.

Individual Attention
The middle school years are characterized by rapid growth and come with a unique set of challenges. This is the time when students are discovering their purpose in Christ, asking important questions, and setting goals for the future. Our teachers, counselors, and coaches serve as mentors to students. Every child is known and loved as they develop into the individual God created them to be.

Identity Development
Middle school is the time when students are discovering their identity in Christ. Our distinctive Identity Courses foster this development and provide a safe, encouraging environment for students to grow in the knowledge of God’s truth. Our three Identity Courses — biblical worldview, logic, and rhetoric — are spread throughout the middle and high school years.

Extra Opportunities
Elective courses are an important part of the middle school experience. Students can design a schedule that fits their interests and helps them develop their unique talents. We offer a wide variety of special courses such as art, music, theatre, robotics, video production, digital design, worship arts, and yearbook. We also encourage middle school students to get involved with the many athletics and clubs offered at Hill Country. Students go on an educational trip or community-building retreat every year.

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