Developing Confidence for Success. Remaining Rooted in Values.

As a parent, you already know that your teen has passions, talents, and character unlike anyone else. You’ve had the honor to watch their budding interests grow, and understand how high school will continue to shape them into the confident young man or woman they will become by graduation day.

These next four years are important, and you want to make sure your teenager is in a learning environment that will reinforce what you’re teaching at home — a place that will appreciate the unique individual God created them to be.

Our high school program is designed to support personal growth and help students discern God’s plan for their lives as they set career and life goals. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

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Why parents choose Hill Country:

A Classical Education

At Hill Country, our approach to teaching and learning focuses not only on content and curriculum, but pedagogy and the tools of learning. Your teen will spend time on great texts of the Western canon and the Western tradition, revealing what is true, beautiful, and good through a biblical worldview. We challenge students to grow with AP courses, dual-credit courses, and dual-enrollment opportunities. Click here to view our high school course offerings.  

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A Roadmap to Success

Your teen might know exactly what they want to do after graduation, or they might still be weighing their options. Regardless of where they are, we want to help them map out a plan so they have every chance to be successful as they pursue their long-term goals. From selecting high school courses, clubs, and enrichments, to seeking out internship and service opportunities, we help guide them through this planning process. Here’s a brief overview of what that looks like:

9th Grade

Your freshman will meet regularly with our Academic and College Advisor to discuss ways they can prepare and work toward their goals and aspirations after high school. To help focus their goals, each freshman takes a career test before making a four year plan, which includes a tentative high school schedule.

10th Grade

As a sophomore, your teen will continue to meet with their Academic & College Advisor, add to their resume, and take the PSAT. They will have the opportunity to attend college fairs, college visits, and take AP classes for college credit.

11th Grade

Junior year can be stressful on teens, as it’s their last push before college applications begin. We’re sensitive to that, and offer additional support to keep stress levels healthy. Your junior will meet with their advisor to discuss their senior year and more clearly define their post-high school plans. We encourage students who need more of a challenge to take AP and dual credit courses and continue adding to their resumes. As your teen explores colleges, they can sign up for one of several school-sponsored trips to campuses throughout Texas. We also offer an on-campus SAT and ACT test prep elective to help students prepare for exams.

12th Grade

Almost there! Before senior year begins, your teen will be invited to College Application Hangouts to work on their top applications. They will continue to stay in touch with college representatives they connected with previously, and have even more opportunities to take AP and dual-credit courses. All seniors participate in a life skills seminar that prepares them for independent living after graduation.

To get the best feel of our program, we encourage you to schedule a tour.

As you can see, we work to create every opportunity for Hill Country graduates to attend their best-fit dream college or university. Here are a few places where our graduates have recently attended: 

Alumni Atlas

Our alumni have embarked on their educational and college careers across the country.

Stories from Hill Country Alumni

Will Dowd alumni US Airforce in front of jet

“College was busy — between being a full-time student, working full time, and doing Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), I didn’t have time for frivolities.

However, I felt prepared because I knew how to prioritize my time. Hill Country always kept me busy (which was good!), so I adapted quite well to a stressful college life. Coach Horne took me under his wing as I pursued scholarships to the Air Force Academy and ROTC at UT (I received both), and I’ll never forget his mentorship, leadership, and encouragement that enabled me to lead a fulfilling career in the Armed Forces.”

Major Will Dowd, Class of 2003

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College Guidance

College admissions is a high school process, not a senior year activity.


Find out more about our uniquely tailored programs for high school students.

Senior Profile

Learn more about the available options during and after the senior year.

A Culture of Christ-Centered Focus

Giving your teen every opportunity to thrive (in high school and beyond) is important to us. But we also know that school culture is an important part of your teen’s high school experience, and we want to share a little bit about what that looks like at Hill Country. 

When we use words like “Christian Community” or “Christian Worldview”, what we mean is that Christ is central in everything we do — from the classroom to the court, on the field, and everything in between. This impacts our relationships, our desire to live in grace, and how we celebrate each student’s God-given potential. 

We believe that with this Christ-centered focus, we are positioned to mentor teenagers into confident individuals who:

Seek God and abide in His will

Communicate effectively

Build on a foundation of lifelong learning by thinking logically, critically, and creatively

Lead with integrity and humility

Two students sitting on the floor with remote controls interacting with a robot

Are equipped to persevere amid challenges

A Safe Place to Become a Leader

We take safety very seriously at Hill Country and want to provide your teen with an environment in which they feel comfortable to thrive. We offer on-campus security, staff trained in CPR, and a school nurse to look after our students’ social, emotional, and physical health. As a high schooler on our 54-acre campus in Cedar Park, your teen will be looked up to by younger students, and we want to ensure they have every opportunity to shine. We conduct staff background checks, so your teen can trust the adults that protect and mentor them.

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See for Yourself

Are you wondering if Hill Country Christian School is the right place to challenge and encourage your teen’s dreams and aspirations?  Schedule an on-campus tour and see first-hand how we help high school students set (and accomplish) goals.

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