Humanities Program

Hill Country’s middle school and high school Humanities courses facilitate the integration of knowledge from the various Humanities disciplines. Our freshman coursework in World History, World Literature, and Bible is chronologically organized to reinforce the study of concepts and cultures from the ancient world. Sophomores study World History and Literature from the fall of the Roman Empire through the Renaissance/Reformation. Juniors study the United States with coordination between the U.S. History and Literature classes, and coursework in Government and Economics explores how these topics have impacted American culture. Seniors prepare for college through the integrated study of Philosophy, Modern North American Literature, Christian Studies and Rhetoric, and Modern European History and Literature. These subjects are pursued with a focus on worldview analysis and the development of a biblical perspective.

Hill Country students study Latin language and literature that corresponds to their study of ancient cultures and history. Spanish courses are an option that prepare students to become effective communicators for the cause of Christ. Educational trips abroad reinforce the integration of these language skills.

In addition, the composition and oral presentation of the capstone Senior Thesis is predicated on the introduction and review of MLA formatting and classical rhetorical skills in Humanities classes. Our graduates, through their experiences with our integrated Humanities curriculum, have the necessary knowledge, understanding, and facility of expression to pursue their college studies and represent Christ’s kingdom to the world.