What to Expect in 5th

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” Luke 2:52

Classroom Curriculum

BIBLE: Students learn through Deep Roots Bible Curriculum, which is an Apologetics and Worldview Bible curriculum developed to equip students with the tools and training to stand firm in the face of today’s cultural challenges. Students also learn Red Star Scripture passages and recite them from memory.

HISTORY: Our study of God’s story revealed through history continues with the discovery of the New World through the American Revolution and the War of 1812. Students research historical figures and participate in a “Living History Museum.”

READING: Students read excellent and meaningful books that enrich their study of history and develop deeper comprehension and critical thinking skills in books such as Dear Mr. HenshawJohnny Tremain, and The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

LANGUAGE/WRITING: Students sharpen their thinking and communication skills by practicing and utilizing the writing process. Students compose formal and informal writings, expository essays, a research paper, journal entries, and poetry.

SCIENCE: Students learn and apply the scientific method to design and conduct their own science projects in preparation for the science fair. Students are introduced to scientific measurement, the nature of science and technology, and the human body systems.

MATH: Students master operations with fractions, percentages, and decimals and gain exposure to ratios and probability. They will be on track for success in algebra by solving equations and complex, real-world problems. Students also study the geometry concepts of area and volume, working with both two- and three-dimensional figures.


PERFORMING ARTS: Students are provided the opportunity to explore and showcase their God-given gifts and talents in the areas of music performance, movement, drama, and worship. They are taught fundamental concepts of reading music, music theory, and acting and speaking skills to help them cultivate an appreciation for the arts.

SPANISH: Students continue studying Spanish during quarter one, after which we introduce them to Latin with a focus on derivatives, vocabulary definitions, and grammatical structures of verbs and nouns for the remainder of the year. Students learn John 1:1 in Latin.

ART: Students study various artists, cultures, elements of art, and principles of design while exploring different types of media and techniques to create their artwork. Students study American history and learn, apply, and synthesize art American art.

STEM: Students integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through engaging, hands-on projects with a biblical worldview. They learn to be creative problem solvers by exploring the Engineering Design Process. Cooperative and purposeful teamwork helps students listen, improve, and succeed.

TECHNOLOGY: Students learn to be safe digital natives in our technology enrichment classes, and they learn grade-level appropriate computer and keyboarding skills. As they progress through lower school, students learn various aspects of Google Software for Education that help prepare them for middle school and beyond.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Students have P.E. each week. They learn the basics of a myriad of sports and engage in activities that promote character and good sportsmanship.

LIBRARY: Students visit the library media center weekly. They are provided lessons to enrich their reading skills and promote a desire for life-long reading and are given time to browse and check out books for independent reading.

CHAPEL: Our vision is to transform new generations of students who use their minds, hearts, hands, and feet to be culture makers for Jesus Christ. We focus on developing winsome Christian character and strong biblical knowledge.

RECESS: Students have recess daily.

Special Events

Field study units and special events include Speech Meet and our Living History Museum where students transform into historical figures and present monologues in character for museum guests. Students also participate in our annual science fair, and award-winning projects advance to the Austin Regional Science Fair.

The service project revolves around Christmas traditions. Students share American Christmas traditions with adult ESL students, giving the ESL students an opportunity to practice their English and our students the opportunity to learn about cultural differences. They also participate in Operation Christmas Child.