Elementary School

What to Expect in Kindergarten

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Mark 10:14

Classroom Curriculum

Bible: Students hear Bible stories from Genesis through Joshua. Students memorize parts of the Bible, including the Ten Commandments and memory verses for each letter of the alphabet. Students learn about Jesus the Savior, creation, Old Testament heroes, and the making of disciples, both in the Bible and in their own lives.

Social Studies: Students learn about aspects of God’s world, including their community, our great nation, and the children of the world. Students also learn about Columbus, the pilgrims, and Native Americans.

Handwriting: Students learn and practice proper letter formation and grip to encourage good handwriting skills.

Reading/Writing: Teachers use read-aloud books and big books to model and teach good reading skills. They also use leveled books for small group instruction to teach students how to decode words, process through text, and learn comprehension skills. Systematic phonics is  taught and integrated into whole and small group reading. Students begin learning the fundamentals of the writing process. 

Science: Students learn about the five senses, weather, temperature, seeds, animals, insects, the ocean, and the seasons.

Math: Students learn foundational math skills. They work on addition, subtraction classification, and number sense.


Music: Students explore singing, movement, and playing games/songs within a biblical worldview foundation. Students study composers and musical genres, identify instruments, and explore music technology using music apps on iPads. 

Spanish: Students study practical and age-appropriate Spanish. They learn Bible stories in Spanish. They participate in Spanish prayer and study Spanish-speaking countries.

Art: Students study famous artists and different cultures as they begin learning the basic elements of art and principles of design, while exploring different types of media and techniques to create their artworks. 

Technology: Our portable iPad cart travels to each classroom weekly. Students participate in developmentally-appropriate activities that are integrated with classroom studies.

Physical Education: Students have P.E. each week. They learn the basics of a myriad of sports and engage in activities that promote character and being a team player. 

Library: Students visit the library weekly.

Chapel: Our vision is to transform new generations of students who use their minds, hearts, hands, and feet to be culture makers for Jesus Christ. We focus on developing winsome Christian character and strong biblical knowledge.

Recess: Students have daily ourdoor recess.

Makerspace: Makerspace encourages children to use their imaginations along with aspects of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to invent, produce, craft, and construct, in order to create things and develop problem-solving skills.

Special Events

Classroom and family come together for Muffins for Moms, Dynamite Dads, a sock hop, and more. Students present songs at Kindergarten Graduation and Hill Country’s annual fine arts event, “An Evening of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.” Students celebrate God’s marvelous works in the Creation Program.

Our field studies enrich the curriculum and may include visiting Crowe’s Nest Farm or a fire station. Students participate in service projects, such as honoring community helpers and Operation Christmas Child.

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