Together IN Partnership, Growth, and Service

By Matt Donnowitz, Head of School

Friday, October 7, 2022

Dear Hill Country Families, 

In August, I announced our school’s emphasis this year to partner together, grow together, and serve together with our families. This plan is based on our school’s mission statement: “We partner with Christian families to impart truth, cultivate character, and inspire service while preparing college-bound students to think logically, communicate effectively, and impact the world with the love of Christ.” 

We recognize that our school is growing and expanding at an incredible rate, which brings more students and families, faculty and staff, and opportunities to carry out our mission, vision, and purpose. As we grow, we will stay true to our core values and identity as a Christ-centered school that upholds and promotes what is good, true, and beautiful.

The strategy my executive team and I developed to walk with you [IN] partnership[IN] growth, and [IN] service includes three key focus areas:

One of the most effective ways to understand the school’s mission and how we carry it out in our classrooms is by attending events on campus. In addition to school newsletters, we are crafting new blog posts and digital content to give parents and students insight into the school’s educational philosophy. Our partnership with Hill Country Bible Church will also provide more parent education and fellowship opportunities, which we will communicate in the coming weeks.

We have experienced an astonishing 30% growth in student enrollment over the past two years and believe that the demand—and need—for Christian education has never been greater. Given our enrollment trend, we will soon meet our current capacity. My team is creatively looking for ways to expand that capacity. We are currently planning, looking for input, and determining how to grow well over the next several years. 

This summer, we worked with several organizations and ministries to help create more service opportunities for our students. We are integrating these opportunities into students’ regular experiences here on campus and for our older students, providing them on the national and international levels. We have also partnered with our PTF to provide more service opportunities on campus for parents, and will continue to promote these opportunities throughout the year. 

As we partner together, grow together, and serve together, let us continue to focus on the One who is “the founder and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2) so that we continue to find the strength to accomplish the good work He has set before us. Keep watching for all the opportunities coming your way in the weeks and months ahead in each of these areas! 

In Him, 
Matt Donnowitz, Head of School