Since graduating from Hill Country in 2010, Caroline Janssen Lengyel ’10 has already made great strides in her career. After graduating from college, she began her career at one of the Big Three management consulting firms in the nation and worked closely with executives in the airline, technology, and organic food industries. As the Strategy Manager for a fast-growing recruiting start-up, she now oversees all finance and growth operations. She is driven, motivated, and articulate, and it seems like nothing has changed since she walked across the stage to receive her Hill Country diploma in 2010.

“She was always really friendly,” says Mr. Baptiste. “Very studious, very kind. Such a great student.” Caroline looks back fondly on her times at Hill Country. “It is so hard to pick a few [great memories],” she says. “I absolutely loved all the Homecoming week activities each year! From decorating the hallways, class competitions, cheering on our Knights at the football game, I felt like it always really brought the school together. I think one of my favorite team memories was staying overnight in Hallettsville for the regional track meet, and cramming into one room to watch a movie together. The camaraderie we had on that team will be hard to match.”

As she looks back on her formative years at Hill Country, Caroline recounts a few significant observations. “First, from an academic perspective, my professional writing skills were far more developed than those of my peers,” she says. “I credit this to all the writing I did in my English classes at Hill Country! I still get compliments at work now about my writing and am frequently asked to proofread others’ pieces. I credit this to the great Hill Country teachers who taught and honed my skills. Second, I was very well-equipped with spiritual knowledge. A&M actually has a very strong Christian culture, so I had no problem falling in with a great crowd that shared my viewpoints; however, I was much more educated in my faith than many of my peers, and I credit this to the great Bible classes that Hill Country offered. I still reference the doctrine and apologetics classes today!”

The busy Strategy Manager and her husband, Dan, lived in Texas and South Carolina, before calling Arizona home. Dan, a pilot in the Marine Corps, spends his days flying F-35 fighter jets. They also have one daughter.

Spring of 2022 Update:

Caroline now focuses most of her time on her favorite job, being a mom, but she still has several professional pursuits. She is a long-term contractor for Harvard Business School. She also launched a health and parenting website, Practically Natural, and hopes to share hours upon hours of research in a concise, easy-to-digest format.