What is the grade level of your student?
I have a son in the Class of 2022. I am also a high school teacher.

What do you love about Hill Country Christian School?
I love that Hill Country’s mission is to prepare students who will reach the world with Jesus Christ. There is no greater purpose for education.

What factors led you to choose Hill Country?
When my daughter was entering 2nd grade years ago, her Christian school was closing its doors, and we had to find a new school. We looked at most of the Christian schools in the area and felt that Hill Country best combined a Christ-centered mission and environment with a challenging academic curriculum. We also felt so welcomed by the admissions personnel and all of the teachers we met. Ultimately, we prayed about it and discerned that God was leading us to Hill Country.

Our tagline is “Preparing for College. Preparing for Life.” How has your student experienced this, and how do you as a teacher propel your students toward this goal?
Our son has had several public speaking opportunities at school. They really helped prepare him for giving his testimony for baptism in front of the church congregation. Group projects in classes and playing on the basketball team have taught him a lot about teamwork and group dynamics. Most important, teachers who pray when difficult situations arise, and who interweave relevant scriptures or a biblical worldview into their lessons, have modeled for our son a daily reliance on God and a close walk with Him.

As an economics teacher, I am preparing my students daily for life beyond Hill Country. The concepts and tools they are learning will help them make better decisions about saving, spending, working, investing, borrowing, and voting. We relate classroom lessons to real-world events such as the Presidential election, the Brexit vote, and the Fed’s decisions about interest rates. I also challenge my students to consider how they can put into practice what God has said in his Word about wealth, stewardship, and giving.

What would you tell a family who is considering a Hill Country education?
Come and find out more about Hill Country! There are phenomenal people in this school community who genuinely love God and others. To parents: it is absolutely true that we will know, love, and prepare your child. To students: Hill Country provides an environment where you can grow and flourish as an individual, and where you can ask honest questions.