What are the current grade levels of your students?
Classes of 2023, 2030, and one graduate, Class of 2019.

What do you love most about Hill Country Christian School?
I love the fact that all of my kids are at one location, and I love the tight-knit community.

How has your experience with Hill Country Christian School made a difference in the life of your family?
The foundation of spiritual growth that starts in Lower School and continues through all grades has been critical. We’ve made life-long friendships, and since the class sizes are smaller, my kids are able to keep close contact and have meaningful relationships with their peers.

Our tagline is “Preparing for College. Preparing for Life.” How have your students experienced this at Hill Country?
Lower School has great teachers who give the students a strong spiritual growth foundation. In middle school the faculty helps students learn to make connections and gives them the opportunity to grow and become self sufficient, capable, and responsible. The academics are truly college preparatory.