How long have you worked at Hill Country?
I began teaching here in 2011.

What is your role?
I teach 6th grade English and 8th grade World Cultures.

What do you love about Hill Country Christian School?
I love that the school is small enough that we are able to get to know each student personally. I love the closeness of the faculty and the supportive, caring relationships I’ve developed over the years.

What do you like most about teaching at Hill Country?
The thing I like most about teaching at Hill Country is that I get to work with the support of a great administration and amazing families and students.

Our tagline is “Preparing for College. Preparing for Life.” How do you help propel students toward this goal?
I feel that being in middle school is an extremely important step in developing students who are prepared for college and life. I strive to make my classes meaningful and relevant to my students’ future while supplying the building blocks of history and writing that prepare them for the higher grades.

What would you tell a family who is considering a Hill Country education?
Hill Country is a safe and loving environment for your child. Not only will your child be challenged academically, but also they will be challenged to grow in their faith and their relationship with Jesus Christ.