As a Baylor University student, Paige Glace ’18 has been busy since she received her diploma in May of 2018. In addition to her studies, involvement in her sorority, and attending all the football, volleyball, and intramural games she can, Paige spends much of her time in the Baylor Student Senate. She sits on the Campus Improvements & Affairs committee, where she writes funding allocations, hears bill proposals, and votes on various campus measures.

“[In committee] we write bills and allocations for issues on campus,” says Paige. “So far this semester, my committee has tackled issues concerning the addition of new bike racks around campus, energy conservation in campus buildings, and we are currently in discussion about more improvements we can make around campus. As a senator, I have worked with organizations to acquire funding for events and [currently] have a few resolutions on the way!”

Paige welcomed the challenge of moving from Austin to a brand new environment. “Moving from Hill Country to a college atmosphere was a blast,” she says. “I loved how Hill Country set us up for academic excellence in college through rigorous courses! Moving to a brand new environment is always a challenge, but I have enjoyed it thoroughly. Hill Country is especially good at teaching you how to create good relationships with your professors, which has allowed me to succeed in even my most difficult classes.”

Also a member of the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, Paige is majoring in political science within the Baylor Honors College. Upon graduating, Paige plans to work in the federal government.