How many years have you worked at Hill Country?
This is my 18th year.

What is your current role?
I am an Upper School teacher and the baseball coach.

What do you love about Hill Country Christian School?
I love the unity of the Spirit and like-minded purpose of the board, administration, and staff. I love how the students and faculty love each other and appreciate being part of this great school.

How has your experience at Hill Country Christian School been different from other places you have worked?
The biggest difference has been the freedom to operate completely within the context and scope of my biblical worldview. In the public schools I could still be who I was in Christ personally in the way I cared for and treated people, but educationally and in my coaching, I was frequently forced to stop short of the reason for how I acted or handled or taught something.

Our tagline is “Preparing for College. Preparing for Life.” How do you help propel students toward this goal?
I keep it real with them. I am open and honest, pulling no punches, always pointing them toward biblical truth, and reminding them that following Jesus is not religion – it’s reality.

Share a story about something you have seen in the school community.
Even though our personalities and styles are vastly different, I have felt for a long time like Philip Hudgens and I share the same brain. It has made us great friends, and I think has had a subtle, stabilizing effect on the school throughout the years. The strength of Philip’s Holy Spirit-directed personality and unwavering commitment to Christ have played a huge role in the lives of scores of young men through the years as he has inspired, and sometimes pushed, them toward manhood. There is a long list of young men who would point to Philip as one of the, if not the, most defining Christian influences in their lives. Hill Country would not be the school it is today without Philip’s consistent presence and outspoken influence over the last 17 years. (Click here to read Philip Hudgens’ story.)

What would you tell a family who is considering a Hill Country education?
Hill Country is the best place for students and families who are serious about forging a biblical worldview, living in community, and solidifying a foundation that will be impactful in the world beyond high school. If you’re serious about developing into a leader for the Kingdom, come here, throw yourself in, and soak it all up. Along the way, you will greatly enhance your college preparation, acceptance, and scholarship possibilities, and so financially it’s a great return on your investment. Also, the majority of our students have the opportunity to experience high school athletics under the mentorship of top-notch coaches who also care for their souls, something that they would not be able to experience almost anywhere else. We mean what we say: at Hill Country your child will be known, loved, and prepared.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
This may seem mundane, but I love coaching baseball at Hill Country because I get to teach the game here. It’s incredible to see some of the kids who have never really played before fall in love with the game and become competitive players. It’s great to be a Hill Country Knight!