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The Miracle of the Incarnation

Every year, during the Christmas season, I ponder the greatest miracle – the incarnation, when God became a man.

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The Road to the Cross

Each year, our Lower School students engage with interactive stations and reflect on the events of Jesus’ crucifixion.

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Telling the Old, Old Story in a Brand New Way

We set aside time every week to gather, listen to God’s Word, and respond to God in prayer and song.

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Smart People Read

One of my all-time favorite interview questions is, “Tell me about the last five books you’ve read.”

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One Team. One Fight.

It’s a short yet memorable saying and it carries a powerful meaning—a meaning that inspires us all.

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What is God’s Rest?

God’s rest is not a “vacation”.

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Prescription for Success

What if your child’s pediatrician could also be their anatomy and physiology teacher?

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Mission: Dominican Republic

One of the highlights of the Upper School experience for a Hill Country Knight is the chance to serve on an overseas...